About Our Program

Giving to others is the Perfect Gift. The Perfect Gift Shop was established in 2017. Each year we provide children the opportunity to “shop” for family members in our pop-up shop, filled with donations of goods from businesses and the community, and purchased with cash donations. Children receive our printed gift certificates through their schools including public and private with homeschooled children being invited to come directly to our shop upon seasonal opening. The program initially began as a community initiative for children from resource insecure families. Since 2022, the Perfect Gift Shop widened its scope to benefit all age eligible children in Floyd County, VA.

THe Shopping Experience

While the parents or guardians wait in our waiting room, the children are guided through the store by our skilled volunteer “elves” who discuss with each child who they are shopping for, what that person might like, and help the child to pick the perfect gift for each family member. After thoughtfully selecting something for everyone on their list (including pets!), the child and the elf go to the gift wrapping department where each gift is wrapped with love and placed in a “Santa Bag.” The child then returns to their guardians with their secret gifts ready for giving on whatever December holiday the family celebrates. We have observed that children indeed experience great joy in the process of picking gifts for others.

Elf “Gavin” helps one of our shoppers find something special for her father. (2023)