Giving to others is the Perfect Gift. Each year we provide children the opportunity to shop for family members in our pop-up shop, filled with donations of goods from businesses and the community, and purchased with cash donations. Children from financially stressed families that might not have the resources to have their children buy gifts for others receive gift certificates to shop in the store.

Children are guided through the store by our volunteer “elves” who discuss with each child who they are shopping for, what that person might like, and help the child to pick the perfect gift for each family member. Then, the child and the elf go to the gift wrapping department, where each gift is wrapped to the child’s specifications, and a gift tag placed, with the child’s assistance. The child leaves the store to return to their parents, who wait in the anteroom lounge, or in cars in the parking lot, with their secret gifts ready for giving on whatever December holiday the family observes. This is our fourth year of operation, and we have observed that children indeed experience great joy in the process of picking gifts for others.

How we got started

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